Austin, TX - part deux

Some more from our trip to Austin last month- Enchanted Rock, a true dive bar tour, ending with me getting everyone kicked out for "holding up the game with my photography" (they take their games of shuffleboard VERY seriously down in Austin apparently- so watch out!), a REAL LIVE LONGHORN, some of the most delicious food in my life, and two of the bestest friends we could ever ask for.  


first stop on the dive-bar tour- Carousel Lounge- keeping it real.

some amazing music, and some WEIRD ASS BARS- although, I do love Christmas year round, LaLa's. 

breakfast glamour shoot.  I think we were the only table not wearing skinny jeans, flannels and beanies.  

Rio Rita's


moon tower!!!!

I think my directions were to be as sexy as possible.  Well done, everyone.  Well done. 

coming down from Enchanted Rock

there was a lot of this

there was a lot of this

and a lot of this

love these cats!

Austin, TX - part 1

We went down to Austin for an epically beautiful weekend.  We toured the divy-est of dive-bars, meditated with Deepak, hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock, ate world class BBQ, and caught up with some of our best friends, getting to see their beautiful home, meet their newest kitty, and hang out with their newly announced baby bump.  Eeeeeeeeeee!!!  We know they are going to make the world's coolest parents because they are the world's coolest friends.  

Inside and outside Rio Rita Lounge

It's always Christmas at LaLa's

These were some characters we met along the way.