It's 2016, Mo Fo's!

If you have no idea what that blog title is about, you should go listen to some Mike Birbiglia. Specifically this bit.  I think he's one of the funniest humans on the planet.  He came to Fort Collins and I got to meet him - I think he'll probably remember me as the girl who couldn't control her laughter and sobbed and snorted in the 2nd row like a freak.  Actually, I'm sure he won't remember me at all, which is 100% for the best. 

Anyway, 2016 is clearly getting away from us already.  Where did we leave off- ah yes- last October where our lives became outrageous, and we both decided to quit our day jobs and leap into running our photography business from home!  YAAAAAY!  So far so good!  

Max has been busy over the winter with our business plan, all things marketing, and cleaning out our garage (which is mostly all my stuff - love you honey!).  I have been lounging about, enjoying having free time before our busy wedding season begins, but working hard behind the scenes getting set up for this coming year.  I've gone to tax seminars, photographer business meet-ups, and also enjoyed working from home during the day, rather than all through the night.  Bijoux is enjoying having both of us home most of the time, too.  At least I think she is- this is her usual position during the day- if she's not begging for food, then she's snoring away while I edit photos.


We had a lovely holiday season with our families, and we've endured some of the nastiest winter storms Fort Collins has thrown at us in a while.  I got to go to Omaha and Kansas City in January to photograph new Qdoba stores- it was my first official business trip as a #bosslady and it was super fun!  We posted a Sonja K Photography blog about it- make sure you keep up with the biz website, too!  

I was going to write a bunch more, but I'm going to save it for the next post.  Max and I just got back from a crazy last-minute-on-a-whim trip to the Canyonlands, followed by my first wedding of the season (I was the second photographer, so it was a nice way to ease back into it) and then a FABULOUS trip to New Orleans!  It's blizzarding out right now, so I'm going to go write those posts so you can read about our adventures next time.  But it feels good to be writing again, and I promise to post more pictures next time.  I'm just cozy on the couch and I don't want to go into the bedroom and turn on the main computer- mostly because I fear the power is about to go out due to the heavy snow on the trees. 

Oh, okay - I'll post a picture of the snow right now so you know what we're dealing with here.  

Happy Spring everyone!!