this day

This day five years ago was the day I knew this guy was special.  We rode to the shop early in the morning, where there was freshly cooked breakfast and mimosas, along with a super fun group of people, all dressed up and ready to party.  We rode across an empty lot, dodging goat-heads and rocks to make it to the New Belgium bike parade, ending at the field across from the brewery.  It was a scorching, hot, dusty day, with bright colors- clowns on unicycles, wigs, capes, plastic, jugglers, dancing people, tents, bikes, bikes, bikes everywhere- but the whole day I followed this guy in a hawaiian shirt and an Indiana Jones hat around on Big Brown (the name of his bike), and I'm happy I did, because we're still going strong today (I mean, duh- we just got married)

Also, this year I was able to realize my fantasy of dressing up as Queen Frostine from Candyland.  I've been obsessed with her since I was little- we used to play Candyland all the time when I was a kid- and today I finally got to dress up like my favorite character (well, one of them... along with LeLu, and Rainbow Brite, and She-Ra, and so on) and ride through my favorite town, with my favorite people, and my new favorite husband.  


Such a fun day.  Always.  Tour de Fat.