Last night we opened all of our presents- read our cards, read our advice notes, giggled at the hilarious ones, teared up over the sweet ones, and loved every single one of them.  I wrapped myself in a Norwegian blanket, we hung art on our walls, and we listened to the wedding dinner mix.  Good music, I must say.  It was our first night alone together after spending a glorious weekend with family and friends; we ate a normal dinner, we took the dog for a walk, and we enjoyed the sunset.

at Great Divide Brewery in Denver before the Rockies vs. Cubs game with family and friends

sunset after a photo shoot in Old Town 

Tonight the guest bedrooms smells just like my aunt's apartment did when I would stay there as a kid.  Her photo was staring back at me from the guest bed where the frame was placed after being on the memorial table at the wedding, along with my grandparents' photos.  I know she would have loved the party.  All of our family together and  celebrating.  Two families becoming one giant family.  Two people starting their life together.  I can feel her presence.  Tonight.